05 September 2014

Illuminati Jewellery Entelechy Collection 2014

Hi guys!
Just wanted to share my new lookbook showcasing new collection I've been working on for my jewellery.
This is my second collection after my 'Enlightened' collection from last year. I have to shamefully admit that yes, it took me like a year to bring this out! ( I really need to work on my time management with my own projects but I know a lot of us do too. lol )

I would very much thank my friends who worked with me shooting this lookbook and Lydia Kirwood our bewitching model.

Please check up my super-talented friends and their work!

Photography /  Natalia Horinkova 

Make Up and Hair / Vanessa Collins 

Video still to come / Darren Luk (nudge nudge)

Thanks wery wuch.

26 May 2014


What is this???
We are all equal, no one's better than no one!
We need to see beyond our physical bodies and find each others' soul, that's what keeps us together.

23 May 2014

MINI Party that will not be MINI by MINI COOPER

Hey guys!! Some exciting parties coming up in Sydney and THIS is not to be missed.
Interactive Dance floor that will dance with you! It's RADICAL. You gotta be there! And if it's built by Mini, I'm sure they made it last too... So bust out your best moves and let's see if it can handle it...

RSVP here:

01 March 2014


True legend, supreme is my hero!!

She is the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty and these editorial images from from LOVE Magazine.

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